Why Organisational Productivity Matters

This blog will look at factors that affect the success of a organisation; not the basics of how to run a business, such as pricing models, cashflow cycles or accounting principles, but how organisations can make the most of their people, the environments that cultivate that and how we can improve ourselves in the workplace too.

I’ve always had an interest in why people do the things they do and, since spending time working in a large organisation and increasing my academic knowledge, I’ve become increasingly interested in how workplace environments affect employees. I hope that discussions arising from my posts will help me explore and deepen my understanding of these issues, as well as yours.

With the economic climate still fragile, business has an important role to play in global prosperity, while the public and voluntary sectors continue to keep the state running, despite cuts in funding. While senior executives are often looking for paradigm-shifting board-level decisions that lead to immediately visible change (and easy to deliver, impressive-sounding announcements), I believe that creating an environment that helps people deliver gives organisations the greatest chance of success.

I’ll cover a wide range of topics here from the conventional HR areas – like managing performance, recruitment and leadership – to those more normally covered in business academia – such as metrics, business structures and strategies, and how new trends are impacting on organisations.

I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate thoughts on my posts and any areas where I should focus in future – as Dan Akerson, former CEO of General Motors, espoused, there’s no progress if everyone just keeps saying the same thing.